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May 25, 2022

Zhang Weili looks forward to fighting Joanna again

Zhang Weili, who has not seen the battle for a long time, is going to return to the field. Zhang Weili will compete with her old rival Joanna yeder zesik for the second time in the Ultimate Fighting Championship ufc275 in Singapore on June 12. This will also be an important battle for Zhang Weili to regain the gold belt of UFC world champion.


Zhang Weili's first competition with Joanna was in Las Vegas on March 8, 2020. That game was also Zhang Weili's first defending title after winning the gold belt of UFC women's grass weight champion. At that time, after the two played five rounds, Zhang Weili narrowly won with different decisions and successfully defended the grass weight title. That competition was rated as the best duel of the year by UFC. After this battle, Zhang Weili also laid the foundation for her selection into the UFC Hall of fame in the future. Subsequently, Zhang Weili was knocked down by Ross namayounas in the defending battle in 2021 and lost the title. However, Zhang Weili also failed to regain the title in the second battle with Ross at the end of 2021 and lost to her opponent again with different judgment.


At present, Zhang Weili's professional record is 21-3, including 10 knockouts and 7 defeats. Joanna's recent situation is not ideal. She has won 16-4, knocked down her opponent four times and subdued her opponent once. After losing to Zhang Weili two years ago, she has never participated in UFC professional events. She has also been removed from the ranking list by UFC officials because she has been unable to compete for a long time.


In order to prepare for the second war with Joanna, Zhang Weili has been conducting targeted training in Phuket, Thailand. Zhang Weili said that her preparations were going well and she had adapted to the environment and climate of Thailand. During this period, she had a good training state and made progress in wrestling. "I'm looking forward to this second world war. We played a very wonderful game in the first duel. Joanna and I have made a lot of progress in the past two years. I believe our second world war will still be a wonderful game."


Joanna is also looking forward to the fight with Zhang Weili again. She said that the first game between the two sides was an epic duel, and both of them acted like soldiers. In order to prepare for the Second World War, she has to do more than the first one. In Joanna's view, Zhang Weili is the former champion of this level. She is first-class in terms of technology, psychology and experience, but Joanna also expressed confidence to win this victory. Although she lost the championship a few years ago, she still knows how to win the game and is ready to return to the top. "Although I haven't played for two years, I never stopped training. I went to the United States to train in January this year. In the past few months, I have trained 11 to 13 times a week. I want to win the game through more training." Joanna said.


Before the second round of the two sides, in the ufc274 joint main match on May 8, women's grass heavyweight defending champion Ross lost his gold belt to Challenger Carla espaza in a dull game. UFC officials immediately confirmed that the winner of the game between Zhang Weili and Joanna will get the challenge right of Kara's golden belt. Both Zhang Weili and Joanna said that the result of Ross and Carla's game is what they want to see most, which makes them see the opportunity to win the gold belt again. "This is the result that Joanna and I want. We will prepare for this game with great efforts and go all out on the field. I believe the game in Singapore in June will be very wonderful." Zhang Weili said.

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