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November 7, 2022

What is conductive coating?

       Inclusion conductive coating refers to the basic addition of conductive chemicals with high polymer materials and the conductive effect of conductive chemicals. Common conductive fillers are metal material system filler, carbon system filler, hydroxide system filler, composite filler, new nano conductive filler and so on. Because of its low cost and simple operation, the inclusion conductive coating has been widely used.

       In addition, conductive coating can also be divided into conductive coating, radiation shielding coating, antistatic coating and so on according to the application characteristics.

       In everyone's daily life all the time, all the address will cause a little static electricity. In industrial production, static electricity can lead to interference signals, resulting in the common failure of electronic products or wrong operation; It is very easy to cause explosion and fire accidents in the manufacturing, storage and machinery equipment of inflammable and explosive goods or smoke and welding smoke. Harm to the actual operation of manufacturing and harm the quality of products.

      It is almost impossible to remove static electricity, but there are some strategies that can be used to manipulate static electricity without causing harm. For example, it is a common way to use electrostatic conductive coating to carry out anti-corrosion electrostatic conductive spraying. Anti-static paint can often conduct electricity, the fundamental reason is that the conductive raw materials touch and connect with each other, produce a conductive channel, the actual effect of anti-static.

      Carbon conductive coating is an old raw material. As the conductive filler of carbon conductive coating, the key is high purity graphite, various carbon black, high purity graphite chemical fiber, carbon fiber material, high temperature calcined petroleum coke and carbon carbon composite material, etc. It has the advantages of low price, small relative density, not easy foundation settlement and strong corrosion resistance. However, the relativity of electrical conductivity is relatively weak. At the same time, because there are many positive and negative carbon functional groups on the surface, there are defects such as difficult dispersal and easy inclined plate sedimentation tank. The color is only grayish black or dark brown.

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