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December 30, 2022

Weekly market observation of chemical fiber


Crude oil: This week coincided with the Christmas and New Year holiday abroad, and the liquidity of the external market decreased, so the crude oil price performance was relatively weak. In the long run, the oil price is at the bottom of the shock, and it is difficult to form a trend. The change of short-term logic cannot improve the real balance sheet status in the interest rate increase cycle. This week, the WTI main contract price remained around $78/barrel, and the Brent main contract price remained between $82 and $84/barrel.


Polyester polyester: The market fluctuated in a narrow range this week. At present, the polyester chain as a whole still has a strong "bottom support" force, but as soon as the end of the year is coming, and in recent years, the epidemic has broken out in many places, the downstream textile factories began to implement the production reduction and shutdown arrangements before the New Year, and the intention to catch up is very low. It is expected that the polyester polyester market will gradually enter the festival atmosphere, and will continue to maintain the momentum of shock consolidation next week.


Nylon: This week, the nylon market was low and stable, the raw material contract was stable, and the spot goods stabilized to support the market. After the epidemic, there was a shortage of workers, and the startup rate of nylon enterprises was about 58%, waiting for holidays, and the supply was low. The downstream weaving is not willing to follow up, and the startup rate drops. It is expected that the fundamentals of nylon industry will be stable next week, with supply decreasing, trading decreasing and market trend low and stable.


Spandex: The domestic trend of spandex is stable, the raw materials are low, and the operating rate of the industry is about 5.5%. The production of terminal textiles in various fields ended at the end of the year, and the operating rate of circular machine, weaving and warp knitting enterprises was about 40%. It is expected that the market will be stable towards the end of the year.


Viscose fiber: The market for viscose staple fiber continued to be weak. Recently, some manufacturers' quotations rose slightly, but some transactions stalled, showing a state of price without market, and there was no support for actual transactions. As the two festivals are approaching, most of the downstream cotton mills have started their holidays. The market is mainly wait-and-see, waiting for the market after the year.


Acrylic fiber: The raw material price trend is stable this week. The commencement of acrylic fiber factory has not been affected by the epidemic, and the high level of commencement has been maintained. The supply is normal. The downstream demand is weak, and there are few yarn transactions. The market will continue to wait and see.

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