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July 25, 2022

The women's football team won the first show of the East Asia Cup as if the men's football team had no chance to lose

Yesterday, the 2022 East Asia Cup held its second competition day in Toyota, Japan. The Chinese women's football team and the men's national team have made their debut. In the women's football match first held yesterday afternoon, Beijing time, the Chinese women's football team beat Chinese Taipei team 2-0 to get a "good start". Last night, the Chinese men's football team with U23 national team as the team lost to South Korea 0-3.


The three women's football players "after 00" won the first small victory


Shuiqingxia, head coach of the Chinese women's football team, said earlier that the young players of this East Asia Cup hope to seize the opportunity to play at a high level. In the first game, facing the Chinese Taipei team with average strength, Shui Qingxia did send a number of young players. Among the first 11 players, there were three "Post-00" players, Zhang Linyan, Wan Jiayao and Wang Linlin.


At the Asian Cup group match earlier this year, the Chinese women's football team defeated Chinese Taipei 4-0. Once again, the stronger Chinese team immediately took advantage. In the 11th minute, veteran Wang Shanshan hit a low ball on the right, and young player Zhang Linyan turned and volleyed in the restricted area, leading the Chinese women's football team 1-0. In the 21st minute, Yao Wei's left cross caused the opposing guard to "swing an own goal", and the Chinese team expanded the score to 2-0.


In the second half of the game, Shui Qingxia made continuous personnel adjustments, and Tang Jiali, who had just finished her career of "studying abroad" in the Premier League for a year, also got an opportunity to appear, but Wang Shuang, the core who had just recovered from injury, did not appear. In the end, both teams failed to score again, and the 2-0 result remained until the end of the game. The Chinese women's football team won the first victory of this East Asia Cup.


Shuiqingxia commented on the game: "the most important thing is to win the game and hope that through the game, the players can adjust their state." She said that the whole team will carefully prepare for the next game. Zhang Linyan, who scored a goal, also hopes that the team can continue to improve next. "The first game is still a little nervous. We have many young players who have practiced at home for a long time, but have not played a game. The result of the first game is acceptable, but we still need to play better next." According to the schedule, the Chinese women's football team will next play the South Korean women's football team at 6 p.m. on July 23.


There is a gap in the strength of U23 national team


Later yesterday, the Chinese men's football team U23 met the Korean adult team who did their best in the competition for the first time. The starting lineup of the Chinese team was not conservative. Jiang Guangtai, Zhu chenjie and Jiang Shenglong formed a three central defender, Dai Weijun led the midfield, and Tan long partnered with Liu zhurun and Fang Hao in the front line. Among them, Shandong Taishan young player Fang Hao had a big four Xi in the Dubai cup at the beginning of the year.


However, whether from the strength gap between China and South Korea, or the experience gap between U23 China and South Korea, South Korea controlled the game from the beginning and firmly grasped the advantage on the field. Since then, the Chinese team has always spared no effort to run to fill the position and defend hard, and once achieved good results. Unfortunately, in the 38th minute, Zhu chenjie made a header to clear the perimeter, put an own goal by himself, and the ball flew into his door, leaving the Chinese team 0-1 behind. The game data in the first half showed that the Chinese team really played hard, with 0 shots. South Korea finished 13 shots. The ratio of ball possession rate between the two teams also reached 23% to 77%, which shows the large gap in strength. It can be said that it is not easy for the Chinese team to fall behind by only one goal at half-time.


In the second half, the scene didn't change much. The Chinese team was still fighting hard, and the South Korean team still took the initiative. In the 54th minute, the South Korean team made a cross from the side, and Quan Changxun pushed and shot the next city. The Chinese team fell behind 0-2. In the 64th minute, the Chinese team changed three people in a row. Xu Yue, Chen Guokang and he Yupeng came on as substitutes, replacing Dai Weijun, Liu zhurun and Xu Haofeng. However, the strength gap can not be filled by changing people. In the 80th minute, the South Korean team Cao Guicheng went to the next city to lock the score at 3-0.


The result of losing 3-0 to the South Korean team is not surprising. The strength of the Chinese men's football team has declined seriously in recent years, and it is also farther and farther away from the first-class team in Asia. Next, the Chinese team still has two East Asia Cup games to play. I hope this young team with U23 players can play their own style, accumulate competition experience and make progress.

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