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March 6, 2023

The role of ferrous sulfate in soil improvement.

Ferrous sulfate is a good soil conditioner. Its main component, iron, is also an essential nutrient for plant growth. In both acid-loving plants and alkali-loving plants, iron deficiency not only causes yellowing of leaves but also reduces chlorophyll synthesis, which affects photosynthesis and thus photosynthesis. What is the main role of ferrous sulfate in soil improvement?

1. The application of ferrous sulfate to improve soil quality will increase the absorption of iron content in soil by plants. Applying proper amount of ferrous sulfate can solve the problem of excessively high alkaline soil, effectively regulate the acid and alkaline soil, and meet the acid preference of crops.

2. Ferrous sulfate also has the effect of loose soil. The iron in the soil is deposited in the bottom layer, and the upper layer of the soil is iron deficient, resulting in iron deficiency in plants. There is too much bicarbonate in the soil and iron is inactivated in the plant. And the content of organic matter is too low or too high content of zinc, phosphorus caused by the phenomenon of plant growth.


Matters needing attention in soil improvement of ferrous sulfate:

1. If the phenomenon of iron deficiency such as yellow leaves occurs in plants, it is necessary to apply and allocate different concentrations of ferrous sulfate solutions flexibly according to the degree of yellowing of flower plants.

2. If excessive application of ferrous sulfate can also lead to adverse consequences. Excessive application will lead to excess plant nutrition, and a large number of leaf surface loss, a large number of yellow leaves. Especially acid - loving plants, when applying ferrous sulfate should pay attention to the amount. A moderate amount of ferrous sulfate can promote its growth, but more than a fixed concentration will cause it to wither. Such as potted gardenia, camellia, cuckoo and so on. As soon as this happens, the roots must be watered with plenty of water to dilute the over-rich iron content of the soil or, if potted, resoil.

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