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August 19, 2022


Auxiliaries are the auxiliary components of UV coatings. The function of auxiliaries is to improve the processing performance, storage performance and construction performance of coating Film performance and give film some special functions. UV coatings commonly used additives are defoaming agent, leveling agent, wetting dispersant, adhesion force Into the agent, extinction agent, inhibitors, etc., they play a different role in UV coating.

(1) the addition of antifoaming agent and antifoaming agent can avoid the formation of foaming, and the addition of antifoaming agent can eliminate the formation of foam. Because of the antifoaming agent

The surface tension is low, especially the surface tension of the antifoaming agent with strong antifoaming effect is lower, so the amount of adding should be based on the solution of foam, excessive add Plus, easy to cause shrinkage hole. In recent years, fluorine containing antifoaming agent appeared again, the antifoaming effect is good, the dosage is very little.

(2) After the construction of leveling agent coating, there is a process of flow and drying film. The wet film after application can flow and eliminate the coating Mark, after drying to get uniform flat coating degree called leveling.

(3) Wetting dispersant Wetting agent, dispersant is to improve the grinding efficiency of paint, maintain the stability of the dispersion system of a necessary aid Agent. The wetting agent and dispersant have low surface tension and good compatibility with resin system. Moistening dispersion of the paint by Xu UV The agents are mainly polymers containing pigments and groups.

(4) Adhesion promoter adhesion promoter is a kind of additives that can improve the adhesion between the coating and the substrate, for some coatings Difficult to adhere to the substrate such as metal, plastic, glass, etc., in the coating often want to add a person to adhere to force speaking agent.

(5) the gloss of the matting agent is an important property of the coating after film formation. To make low gloss or matte coatings, it is necessary to pass in The coating is added with extinction agent to achieve. Extinction agent requires refractive index as close as possible to the refractive index of resin (1.40~ 1.60), so prepared extinction

Paint transparency is good, also do not affect the color of paint.

(6) This is used for UV coating in the production, transportation and storage to avoid thermal polymerization, improve the storage stability of UV coating Qualitative and added additives. They must be in the presence of oxygen in order to produce polymerization resistance, so UV paint storage containers, must be left Let out enough air to make sure there's enough oxygen.

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