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October 22, 2021

Sacrificing oneself to serve the country -- on China's first generation of Olympic Boxers

In 1932, the 10th Olympic Games, Los Angeles, USA. For the first time in China, an athlete participated in the Olympic Games. Liu Changchun was alone. After three weeks of sea turbulence, he participated in the track and field competition.

In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Zou Shiming won the 48kg Olympic gold medal and made a historic breakthrough in Olympic boxing

The other names should not be forgotten. They represented China for the first time in the boxing arena of the Olympic Games.

1936 Berlin Olympic Games, 70 years of dust. Born in 1913 in Liuchu village, Raoyang County, Hebei Province, Wang runlan participated in the competition as a member of the Chinese boxing team. The whole delegation had a total of 69 people, including only 4 boxing representatives. They are Li Menghua, Wang runlan, Jin guidi and Jin Gui. Heavyweight Jin Gui's first round opponent, a British player, once knocked his opponent to the ground, but after reading the seconds, his opponent got up again to compete. After that, the two fought. When the referee separated, the British player punched him to the ground and didn't get up. At this time, an on-the-spot inspector said that it was an illegal act for the British player to punch improperly, and Jin guidi was determined to win. However, the other party protested and held a special meeting the next day. As a result, the two inspectors claimed that there was no violation, so that they were defeated and eliminated by 2 to 1.

Heavyweight Wang runlan lost the first round against Dutch player Falk by points after three rounds.

(another saying is that she won 2 and lost 1 in the preliminary. She once won the final through the preliminary, but when the final was about to begin, the leader of the Chinese delegation suddenly received a notice that Wang runlan had failed in the preliminary and could not participate in the final.)

Note: for the latter statement, there is no reliable material found here, most of which are legends. And there are contradictions in the rules of boxing. For the sake of preciseness, unconfirmed!

The other two boxers took part in the middleweight competition and were eliminated in the first round.

Before the competition, Wang runlan applied for the second phase of Hebei military and political school held in Beiping by general Shang Zhen, then chairman of Hebei Province and commander of the 32nd army. Both Jin guidi and Jin guidi were members of the Western boxing team founded by Shang Zhen at that time. They were also professional soldiers, belonging to the 32nd army

Shortly after returning home from the Berlin Olympic Games, Wang runlan served as the platoon leader of the Third Battalion of the third supplement regiment of the 32nd army. The Anti Japanese war broke out in an all-round way. On September 14, 1937, he participated in the Yuanshi battle with the army. In the North Bank of Zhanghe River, Wang runlan fought against the enemy for four days and nights. Wang runlan still insisted on fighting despite being injured. The Japanese attacked again under the cover of tanks. Wang runlan company lost all its casualties and there were few soldiers around him. At dawn on September 21, the worst battle began. The enemy tanks attacked again. Wang runlan made a heroic choice without hesitation - he was bound with cluster grenades, sacrificed his body and died with the enemy tanks with his flesh and blood. After the battle, the then national government awarded him the title of "national hero".

There are also two Olympic boxers, Jin guidi and Jin Gui, who died heroically in the battle of Anyang in 1937 and the bloody battle of Taierzhuang in 1938. They not only took the Olympic boxing ring for the first time on behalf of their country with their strong body, but also defended the national dignity with a cavity of blue blood. They died worthy of the name of heroes.

Time has already entered the 21st century, but we should not forget these pioneers of Chinese Olympic boxing. Although they didn't win medals on the field, they used their dignified body and shed blood to serve the country!

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