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October 28, 2022

Research Report on the Supply and Demand Trend and Investment Risk of China's Viscose Fiber Industry

Analysis of the current situation of viscose fiber industry

From 2015 to 2019, the output of viscose fiber in China steadily increased from 3.3603 million tons to 4.124 million tons. Affected by the COVID-19, it declined to 3.9547 million tons in 2020, a year-on-year decrease of 4.11%, and recovered to 4.031 million tons in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 1.93%.

The output of viscose fiber in China is mainly distributed in Zhongtai Chemical, Sanyou Chemical, Jilin Chemical Fiber, Aoyang Health, Nanjing Chemical Fiber and other enterprises. In 2021, the output of Zhongtai chemical viscose fiber will be about 569900 tons, accounting for 14.16% of the total national output; The output of Sanyou Chemical viscose fiber is about 671700 tons, accounting for 16.68% of the national total output. Jilin chemical fiber viscose fiber output is about 173300 tons, accounting for 4.3% of the total national output.

The production of viscose industry in China is relatively concentrated, and most of the major listed companies are state-owned enterprises. At present, the viscose industry in China is developing rapidly as a whole. For example, Xinxiang Chemical Fiber and Jilin Chemical Fiber are close to the international level, providing a solid foundation for the development of the viscose industry. At the same time, they have certain advantages in raw materials, mainly cotton pulp, wood pulp and other natural substances. China is rich in cotton linter resources, which can reduce costs to a certain extent. In 2020, the sales revenue of Sanyou Chemical and Jilin Chemical Fiber, the leading major viscose fiber enterprises, will be 6.844 billion yuan and 2.394 billion yuan respectively. Nanjing Chemical Fiber will have the lowest sales revenue of 273 million yuan among the six listed companies

Development prospect of viscose fiber industry

Viscose fiber is neither a sunset industry nor a polluting industry. Viscose fiber has a broad domestic and international market. The production technology of viscose fiber is one of the most complex varieties of chemical fibers. Its technology is still developing and has strong vitality. From a macro perspective, the use of natural fiber glue materials is inexhaustible. With the competition between enterprises, the sense of crisis has been enhanced. This is exactly the goal of the reform of improving the socialist market economy. It is completely normal. We should improve product quality, develop new varieties, increase the added value and use value of products, and create higher economic benefits.

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