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March 31, 2022

Redispersible polymer powder

Redispersible polymer powder


Redispersible polymer powder is a free-flowing, white powder obtained by spray drying of an aqueous vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer dispersion. It offers all the advantages of a free-flowing powder additive, such as ease of transportation, storage and handling. Redispersible polymer powder can be used in a variety of applications in the construction industry to improve key properties of cement- and gypsum-based formulations.


2. Specification
Appearance: Whited powder
Unvolatile,%  ≥ 98
Bulk density(kg/m³) 475±75
Ash,%≤ 13.0
TG ℃ 5
Minimum film forming
temp.℃ 0±2
Average particle dimeter
(D50),um 60-100
Fineness%≤ 10
PH Value 6-9

3 . Application Areas
It is dispersible in water and has good saponification resistance, not only for blending with
inorganic binders,such as cement, anhydrite, gypsum plaster and hydrated lime for the
manufacture of structural adhesives, flooring compounds, wall troweling compounds, joint
mortars,plasters and repair mortars, but also as the exclusive binder for synthetic-resin-bound
systems.Exterior wall putty powder.
4. Properties
RDP is exhibit improved adhesion, flexural strength in bending, deformability, abrasion
resistance and are easier to process. Leveling, thixotropy and water retention are essentially
unaffected. The product is ideal for use in combination with other mortar additives intended to
enhance specific properties.Contains a fine mineral filler as an antiblocking agent. It is free of
solvents, plasticizers and film-forming agent.
5. Packaging and Storage
Standard packaging: 20kg/bag 12MT/20GP with pallet and 25kg/bag 16MT/20GP without pallet
Protect the product against moisture and damp.
Do not put it together with other chemicals

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