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November 29, 2021

Please pay attention to the work of medical supervision of professional boxing

In boxing / fighting competitions, injuries are common, ranging from swollen face to Ko syncope. In 2019 global professional boxing competition alone, the death toll of athletes reached as many as 5. It is said that China has also suffered casualties of professional boxers in the past 17 years. Last year, a young boxer was injured, resulting in craniotomy, so that his career ended early.

Of course, for the safety of boxers, promoters, coaches, boxers, referees and even boxers themselves need to work together to monitor and grasp, and be more careful. However, the problem is that the importance of medical supervision is often ignored in professional boxing / fighting competitions in China.

In the past competitions, many associations have no professional medical supervision. Many promoters also believe that there are many doctors. They don't have to pay for air tickets to invite the medical supervision of boxing organizations. Instead, they call several surgeons from nearby hospitals. Some even just nurses come to work, and some competition medical supervision is undertaken by personnel without professional medical knowledge training.

In fact, this is a great misunderstanding! The simplest example: for ordinary doctors who do not understand fighting sports, the heartbeat of athletes' physical examination, with a frequency of about 48-56 times / minute, will be warned as a disease: low heartbeat. But this heartbeat is really normal for professional athletes. Conversely, some personnel without professional medical training engage in medical supervision, which may be common to bleeding wounds, but they know little about the concussion reaction after being hit, the reaction to excessive eyeball pressure, and so on.

Moreover, the medical supervision of boxing and fighting should not be limited to: pre competition inspection, in competition monitoring and evaluation, post competition inspection and giving health or suspension reports. Unfortunately, many boxing organizations and professional competitions in China do not have a perfect system.

With the increasing number of boxing competitions in China, it has become an inevitable demand to establish a complete medical supervision system and cultivate professional medical supervision of professional events.

I have participated in competitions in Japan and the United States, and I am deeply impressed by the following two points: 1. There are infirmaries in Japanese competitions. Boxers should go to the infirmary for physical examination or treatment of wounds as soon as they lose or win, rather than go back to rest by themselves at the end of the whole competition or send those seriously injured to the hospital; 2. Before the competition in the United States, the examination of boxers' health is very complex and rigorous: from ordinary blood pressure to recent competition history, to nerve reaction speed, to one foot balance ability, to the evaluation of spine and cervical spine health.

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