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August 12, 2021

Olympic champion Liu Shiwen yoga training

Yoga rehabilitation has become an important auxiliary exercise training method for athletes in many national teams in the world to restore their balance, strength and flexibility. In many international competitions or training gaps, we often see athletes practicing sports yoga. They use targeted sports yoga training to prevent and repair sports injuries to a large extent, relieve tension, mobilize physical fitness, release resistance, and improve Coordination.


Now, athletes in many fields have the habit of yoga practice, such as football player Ryan Giggs, professional tennis player Andy Murray, NBA star LeBron James and so on.


In addition to yoga rehabilitation training on the stadium, there are many amateur yoga practices among the athletes. Liu Shiwen is one of them. She often shares daily life about yoga on Weibo, and she affirms the benefits of practicing yoga.


Liu Shiwen once replied to a reporter from "Yoga" magazine: "Some relaxation and stretching asanas in yoga, including some twisting asanas, are very helpful for us to relax and strengthen the stability of the spine. Through core training, it is also useful for sports. The movement in the middle is of great help, and I will continue to practice yoga."


Liu Shiwen believes that yoga has a significant effect on physical and psychological exercises. The following is the original interview with the magazine

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