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March 21, 2022

Most paint companies fell into a loss

China Titanium Dioxide Network: China Coating Association through the public number issued "2022 China coating industry profit warning" notice, the Chinese Coating association pointed out that due to the rapid rise of raw material prices, most of the Chinese coating industry has suffered losses. This is the first time that the Chinese coating industry appears, the association issued an early warning notice of industry profits.


China Coating Industry Association


From the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2022, the global epidemic was rampant and the international political turmoil brought an unprecedented blow to the global economic development. During the period, import and export trade was blocked and the price of chemical bulk raw materials continued to rise, which brought a huge impact to the Chinese coating industry in the crack between the terminal market and the raw material market. Through the market research and analysis of coating and upstream raw materials, it can be found that, although China's coating industry in 2021 overall output and main business income is in positive growth, but the total profit growth rate since the beginning of the third quarter began to appear cliff type low, the beginning of the fourth quarter that is into negative growth, the total annual profit is negative growth.


By the beginning of March 2022, according to the latest research, due to the rapid rise in the price of upstream raw materials, most enterprises in China's coating industry have suffered losses. After careful study, China Coating Industry Association issued the first profit warning of China coating industry in 2022, please pay close attention to the profit and other operating conditions, according to the fluctuation of upstream raw material market timely adjust business strategy.

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