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December 29, 2021

Major news of boxing events

Las Vegas – anything can happen in boxing. Any boxer can lose at any time. On Saturday night, a total of 17438 spectators watched UGAS beat Pacquiao and defend the WBC welterweight champion in the T-Mobile arena.



The 2008 Olympic bronze medalist thwarted the pac man's attack with his long jab and heavy right hand, breaking the most shocking surprise so far in 2021.



The most important question now is, what will Manny Pacquiao do next? Will he stay or leave? Dazn news offers some options for Pacquiao.







As the game goes on, you will find something wrong. The fast lateral movement we used to see disappeared. Instead, he often stood within the attack range. Pacquiao admitted at the post game press conference that his legs were tight, which hindered his world-class speed and movement.



At the press conference, Pacquiao did sound like a person who would not come back, although he said he would announce his career after talking to his family and whether he would run for president of the Philippines next month. If you retire, thank Manny Pacquiao for everything he has done for boxing. There will be no one like you.






Maybe the result is as like as two peas, and we win. But that's what's interesting because it attracts people to watch. Although Pacquiao was not asked whether to play again, UGAS said he would definitely let the five time middleweight champion play again.



"Two hundred percent," UGAS said bluntly through an interpreter. Manny is a great legend, a great boxer. He wants a replay? There is no doubt about it. "



Mickey Garcia



Since Garcia defeated Jesse Vargas in February 2020, the negotiations have been intermittent. Had it not been for the 2019 coronavirus disease (covid-19) global pandemic that led to the suspension of boxing for a few months, the game might have begun.



Negotiations between Pacquiao and Garcia took place for some time this year until the former changed his opponent and accepted Spencer.



Garcia doesn't have the same strength at 135 pounds or 140 pounds, so if Pacquiao chooses to stay, it will be his advantage. In addition, Garcia is famous and is a four level world champion. This game has a selling point.

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