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September 17, 2021

Main development direction of ink in the future

"Environmental protection, green printing ink" has become a topic of ink printing industry in the 21st century development in recent years due to many countries and areas such as increased health environmental protection in the packaging and printing requirements and restriction conditions, especially to the aspects such as medicine, food, children's products specifically pointed out that it is forbidden to use poisonous and harmful ingredients of printed materials, This information tells us that research, development, the use of environmental protection ink, is a great event for the benefit of mankind, is to enter the international market pass, is the direction of future development. The development of China's ink industry in the future mainly has the following directions


1: Flat printing ink


In a variety of printing methods, offset lithographic ink in China accounts for nearly 50%, still occupies a dominant position, in the next 20 years will continue to develop steadily. There are two main printing methods: lithographic sheetlet printing and lithographic web printing, its varieties, specifications and quality have reached a very high level, but the application of ink is mostly non-environmental protection, as long as the link material can be slightly improved. At present, foreign food, medicine packaging printing must use environmental protection ink, such as aromatic and solvent free (soya oil) offset lithography ink.

These low toxicity or harmless ink is the direction of future development, is the goal of our efforts to develop, but also the inevitable conditions to enter the international market. International standard requirements for this kind of ink is: aromatic ink aromatic content is less than 1%, solvent - free ink solvent content is less than 1%. We should pay attention to the technical trend of global environmental protection ink, and constantly develop more environmental protection ink products, organic pigments to replace inorganic pigments containing harmful heavy metals, strict use of lead, cadmium and other heavy metal raw materials, more production of aromatic and solvent free offset printing ink, soybean oil ink and other environmental protection ink.


2: Water-based ink

Water-based ink is the world printing industry recognized environmental protection printing ink, the most development prospects, but also our efforts to develop and promote the best object. Rapid development in recent years, especially in the international market is a large number of use. The biggest difference between water-based ink and solvent-based ink is that the solvent used is water, rather than organic solvent, does not affect human health, does not pollute the environment, is not easy to burn, especially suitable for food and medicine, children's toys and other packaging printing.


3: UV ink and EB ink

UV ink is a kind of ink under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, using different wavelengths of ultraviolet light energy to quickly dry the ink film. UV ink is 100% material film, no solvent volatilization, and ink film has excellent friction resistance and chemical resistance. Although the domestic development has long, but initially only UV printing paper and printing ink, few varieties, expensive, low production, can not meet the needs of the domestic printing plant, in recent years has made great progress. EB ink is electron beam ray curing ink, because the energy of electron beam ray is much larger than ultraviolet ray, so EB ink does not have to add photosensitizer can be cured and dried. In addition, but also has significant wear resistance, scratch resistance and no skin and other characteristics, is a high value-added products. At present, the global EB ink market share is about 30 million to 50 million DOLLARS, is a very potential market. So far the domestic EB ink market is still blank, is a direction of our research and development.


4: digital printing ink

Nowadays, digital printing has become a new development trend in the field of packaging and advertising printing at home and abroad, and a considerable number of digital printers have been imported. In order to adapt to the requirements of high-speed printing and achieve good printing quality, digital printing ink is very important. But the domestic development and production of digital printing ink products are very few, such as Tianjin ink company and some other companies although already developed printing ink, but has not yet put into production. Therefore, digital printing ink is still a field to be studied.


5: Adoption of nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is a rapidly developing high-tech technology and has been applied in the field of ink manufacturing. Such as nano calcium carbonate and other raw materials. But did not form the main tide. If the ink resin connector, pigment, additives and desiccant components made of nanoscale materials, highly dispersed, and has better fluidity and wettability, so made of ink can save raw materials, reduce costs, and can get excellent printing effect.

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