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July 8, 2021

Lithium electrochemical, energy saving and high - speed will be

Lithium electrochemical, energy saving and high - speed will be


The development trend of future lithium battery


1. The lithium galvanic


The new national standard for vehicle weight requirements are accelerating the replacement of lead-acid batteries to lithium batteries. After the national standard era, lithium has become an unstoppable development direction, this year's competition is quite fierce, but also the best time for the implementation of lithium.


Since the implementation of the new national standard, lithium has become a part of the new national standard car, in 2020, the major brands are to push lithium to another big climax. Lithium-ion has already been applied in many industries, and the future electric vehicle industry will develop more towards lithium. Lithium electrochemical trend is irreversible, lithium battery market dividend has come.


The continuous innovation and upgrading of lithium is of great significance to the electric vehicle industry, and it is also very likely to solve the problems of unsafe and high price of lithium in the past. For consumers, this may also be the beginning of the safety of lithium electric car.


2. Energy conservation


As a representative of the new energy battery industry, lithium battery is a kind of environmentally friendly and energy saving energy storage power supply. At present, almost all domestic leading lithium battery manufacturers have installed NMP material recycling system on their production lines to achieve the purpose of NMP recycling, purification and reuse. Through the recycling system, it not only meets the national environmental protection requirements, but also greatly reduces the production cost of lithium battery.


At present, the state is vigorously advocating energy conservation and emission reduction, and various environmental protection and energy saving measures have been adopted one after another in the hope of attracting the attention of all people in the society to energy conservation and environmental protection. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have many advantages, such as small size, light quality, high working standard voltage, high energy density, long life of the circulation system, zero pollution and good safety factor.


Therefore, with the difficulties in battery production and manufacturing, lithium batteries will gain a lot of benefits in the environmental protection inventory in the future and become a battery commodity that the sales market is eager to flock to.


High speed 3.


In recent years, new energy vehicles, lithium batteries and other industries have achieved rapid development. Subsequently, the new energy vehicle manufacturing technology and equipment has also undergone great changes. As a mature and advanced battery at present, lithium battery has been widely used because of its light weight and large storage capacity. Especially with the development of mobile phones, smart wearable devices and new energy vehicles, lithium batteries can be said to be in short supply. The whole industry is in a hot state, and the valuation of many listed companies in the capital market is also in a state of overvaluation.


Now consumer electronics for the improving of the lithium battery capacity and performance requirements, storage battery, power battery's growing demand for lithium battery power, and wireless sensors, lithium-ion battery automatic production equipment industry should be the development of the downstream industry demand, will further enhance their own development level and the technical strength and improve the technological level of equipment and the degree of automation, In order to meet the downstream lithium battery for large capacity, power, high performance, high stability and other characteristics of the demand.


Therefore, the lithium battery industry in the future development will continue to accelerate the stage. Because the current major markets, the demand for lithium batteries is very large. With the increasing demand for lithium batteries, it is both an opportunity and a challenge for the lithium battery industry. It is hoped that each lithium battery enterprises can do their own products well and get customer satisfaction.


With the more and more mature lithium battery, lithium electrochemical, energy saving and high speed will be the future development trend. At present, opportunities and challenges coexist in the market of lithium electricity. No matter whether we are afraid of challenges or not, challenges still exist. Since the opportunity comes, we should seize the opportunities of lithium electricity industry, meet the challenges with wisdom, solve these problems with wisdom, and jointly embrace the future of lithium electricity.

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