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December 28, 2021

Kuralon: Raise the price of PVA fiber and PET staple fiber! 10% - 20% increase!

On December 2, Kuralon issued a price increase notice, saying that it would increase the price of some fiber products worldwide from January 1, 2022, including kuralon and mintval / kuralon k-ii polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) fiber products by 10% - 20%, and polyester (PET) staple fiber products by 10%.


In addition to the significant increase in the cost of key raw materials and utilities caused by the rise in crude oil prices, Kuralon's revenue also continues to bear the pressure of soaring logistics and manufacturing costs related to the increase in facility maintenance and renewal costs, which are beyond the cost absorption range of Kuralon's internal efforts.


In this case, Kuralon decided to implement the following price correction to improve profitability and maintain stable supply.

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