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November 17, 2021

Ink to achieve long-term preservation of 6 skills

1:In some areas in the north, the winter climate is cold, should avoid the ink stored outdoors, to prevent the occurrence of gelling ink at low temperature. If the ink gelling phenomenon, it can be transferred to a higher temperature in the warehouse.



2:In the storage and management of ink should also follow the principle of "first in, first out", that is, the first purchase of ink first use, in order to prevent ink because of storage time is too long and affect its use.



3:Ink is sealed and stored to prevent dust. A large number of dust particles or various impurity particles are likely to fall into the ink tank may be adsorbed on the surface of the label material, resulting in nozzle blockage.


4:Safety first, storage ink should be far away from fire, heat source, to prevent accidents.



5:Ink warehouse can best keep a constant temperature, and the temperature difference between the printing workshop can not be too great. If the temperature difference between the two is large, the ink should be put into the printing workshop in advance, which is not only conducive to the stable performance of the ink, but also to ensure the high efficiency of production.


6:Ink also has a certain shelf life, if stored too long, various components in the ink formula may occur dismantling, precipitation phenomenon. Therefore, ink should not be retained for a long time, the general retention period of about 1 year is appropriate, otherwise it may affect the print quality, or even cause printing failure.





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