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June 24, 2022

Ink industry: water-based plastic resin

What is water-based plastic resin


Water-based plastic ink is made of high quality water-soluble acrylic resin, senior pigment, pure water, additives and refined liquid ink; It does not contain volatile toxic solvents, not only has good printing effect on plastic film, strong adhesion fastness, and non-flammable, non-explosive, non-toxic, will not damage the health of printers, no environmental pollution to the atmosphere, the cost is low, especially suitable for PE, BOPP,PVC,PET,PP, plastic film printing, Also suitable for composite film printing and concave board and adagio printing. Its PH value is 8-9.0, drying degree is 40-80m/min, coloring power is 90-110, color sample deviation ±5%.


Water-based plastic resin introduction


Main technical indicators are: color: color sample deviation ±5%pH value: 8-9.0 coloring power: 90-110 Drying speed: 40-80m/min fineness: ≤15μm viscosity (coated 4# cup, 25℃) : 20-50s drying speed, to achieve benzene soluble ink drying speed, 100 meters per minute printing speed on a large printing machine. High gloss, transparency and resistance. It can adapt to dry compounding and extrusion compounding and achieve composite strength. Breakthrough in the past polyamide alcohol soluble ink composite strength is not good. In the plastic packaging printing completely eliminated benzene and toluene, solvent ethanol and water, green environmental protection, safety and health, no personal injury to employees. Blue sky water-based plastic resin technology refers to.


Waterborne plastic ink ~ for many years for blue sky enterprises all the time in active research and development. Water-based plastic ink this is a worldwide problem, because water and plastic material, is a pair of enemies, water droplets on plastic together into a water drop, like water droplets on the lotus leaf together into a water drop, so in plastic printing water-based ink is difficult to adapt to plastic, and roller this material. The heart of water-based ink is resin, so the development of resin is the key.


Introduction of main products


1025 alcohol aqueous resin (ink)


1, common solvents:


(alcohol) ethanol, anhydrous ethanol, water


2, ethanol and water mixed in proportion as a diluent, recommended ratio:


Use 7 parts alcohol and 3 parts water for full or large area pattern.


Use 5 parts alcohol and 5 parts water for small prints or shallow mesh patterns.


3, in the process of use, it is necessary to open all the exhaust air of the printing machine oven, so that the oven forms negative pressure, so as to avoid the risk of drying caused by water vapor aggregation.


4, such as the use of 1025 system composite ink, you need to fully test the selection of ester sol and water reaction effect (part of the ester sol curing agent and water chemical reaction - hydrolysis or carbon dioxide). It is recommended to choose the composite mode: solvent-free glue, alcohol-soled water, water glue, hot melt glue, etc


5. Cost analysis basis


(1) Ink printing process, the use of thinner to adjust the viscosity. Therefore, the cost of thinner should be considered when calculating the cost.


(2) ink cost analysis also needs to be calculated into the dilution ratio as a cost reference. (First dilution ratio of original ink)


(3) the volatile gradient of diluent, determines the amount of diluent, also need to consider the use of ink cost.


Review, ink use cost = ink cost + diluent cost (including the first dilution and use of natural volatilization).


6. Use cost comparison of the subject matter


(1) White ink -- ordinary system white ink (chlorination, polyamide, acrylic acid)


Polyurethane system white ink


1025 system alcohol water white ink


(2) Color ink - general system red ink (chlorination, polyamide, acrylic acid)


Polyurethane system red ink


1025 system alcohol water red ink


7. Instructions on the dosage of diluent


Ordinary system and polyurethane system due to the volatile gradient of diluent is too high, so when normal use, ink and diluent dosage are 1:2.


About 50% of the diluent in 1025 system is tap water, and the volatile gradient is very low. Therefore, when using, ink and diluent dosage contrast is 1:1.2.


8, 1025 system features:


1, integrated application, uniform and good adhesion on BOPP/PET/CPP/PVC/NY and other common films.


2, good solubilization, in the printing process after the dry version, can be quickly solubilized, no blocking, no knife line.


3, good color exhibition, high viscosity can also hang out 3μ dot effect.


4, good weather resistance, can adapt to high temperature, high humidity and other harsh climate operation.




China plastic gravure printing ink to be waterborne comprehensive near: given the current of plastic soft package production and application technology in China is not perfect and lack of normative, printing operators lack the lack of professional training for ink mechanism, makes the printer can not correctly and orderly master printing machine, plate, printing ink, the relationship between the organic combination of the three, in order to achieve a good living, the result of reducing waste. In the early 10 years of the printing industry, ink manufacturers have launched a successful development of water-based plastic ink, printing plants after the use of a lot of trouble, and change the drying channel, and change the version, sometimes the adhesion can be, drying is slow to boot, the printing effect is very poor, false white leakage. Sometimes after printing products adhere to waste, ink senior engineers improve and fail again and again. The printing enterprise that lane is very disgusted. The distrust of water-based plastic ink, and even think that water-based plastic printing is not established.


However, for the blue sky ten years grinding a sword, after continuous overthrow, continuous innovation, repeated deliberation, a large number of experiments. Finally developed a reliable 1025 integrated composite alcohol water system resin, 1035 integrated surface printed alcohol water resin, 1111 universal water-based resin and other materials.


For blue sky a series of environmental protection materials for plastic factor water to take an important step, break the doubts of senior ink engineers. Waterborne plastic printing is no longer a fantasy, but a reality, so that this new technology to regain the trust of ink entrepreneurs. Open the new era of water-based resin ink.


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