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December 1, 2022

How to use eco-friendly paint to renovate old walls?

      Coating is a common decorative building materials for home decoration, which can not only maintain the wall, but also have the actual effect of decorative furniture. At present, there are a variety of paint brands on the market, complete types, but also a lot of customers want to paint on the heart, hard work, because they pay more and more attention to environmental protection and physical and mental health. The following are several aspects of environmental protection coating manufacturers indicate.

1. What is VOC?

      VOC are common names for volatile organic compounds and are the main indicators of environmental protection in coatings. There are strict technical standards in China's requirements for harmful coatings, and only by doing so are they marketed.

2. Colorless and odorless doesn't equal environmental protection.

      Has the pungent taste of home decoration paint is bound to be damaged goods, smell no special smell of goods means environmental protection clearance? Nature is not.

      Some paints can be colorless and odorless according to the addition of spices or low taste raw materials, and many harmful substances are colorless and odorless, such as indoor formaldehyde. Therefore, colorless and odorless paint is not completely green and environmentally friendly, important or look at the qualification certificate inspection report and formaldehyde test data information.

3. Remove the old wall.

      The old wall must be cleaned and neat, many old walls due to a long history, will crack and damage the situation, in order to better refurbish the actual effect is stronger, must be the original wall paint and working layer of the old wall clean, so as to achieve a better renovation of the actual effect. And the surface paint of the wall must be done well, otherwise it is easy to occur mildew, fading and other conditions. In particular, if the old wall is too smooth, it is also necessary to carry out grinding to solve the problem, so as to facilitate the bonding between the new paint and the wall.

4. Pay attention to the color difference.

      The renovation of the wall must pay attention to the color difference of the wall. If it is not the whole house renovation, only a part of the wall is repaired, special attention should be paid to prevent the color difference. Therefore, before carrying out the renovation of the old wall, it is necessary to carefully select the color, and prepare sufficient raw materials at one time, so that the color difference can be prevented at a large level.

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