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July 29, 2022

How is foam produced in water-based ink?

The most important problem in the production and manufacture of water-based ink is foam plastic, which is also caused by its unique method and unique production process.

1, water-based ink with water as paint thinner, often choose moisturizing emulsion as film-forming agent, and emulsion polymerization must be used a certain number of surface active agent, can be prepared smooth water dispersion liquid. The application of surfactant may lead to a great reduction in the interfacial tension, which is the primary cause of foam plastic.
2, water-based ink dispersion pigments often choose some wetting antifoaming agent to ensure the quality of the ink, and wetting agent is also to reduce the management system interface tension component, is conducive to the cause of foam and stable.
3. When the viscosity of water-based ink is too low, the viscosifier is often added to the ink. After adding the viscosifier, the membrane wall of the foam becomes thick, and the ductility is improved, which will make the foam smooth and not easy to remove.

The problem of styrofoam of water-based ink makes the actual operation of ink production process difficult. The gas in styrofoam not only prevents the dispersion of pigments, but also reduces the cost and harms the production. Therefore, the appearance of bubbles in the packaging printing process will lead to more serious packaging printing common faults.

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