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November 22, 2022

Hope they can scratch away team Titan Cup

The World Cup came to the northern hemisphere in winter for the first time. All the powerful players faced the problem of short preparation period before the game. A group of players announced that they would not qualify for the World Cup due to injuries. Whether these series of variables will become factors affecting the final trend of this World Cup can only be verified by time. However, no matter how the objective conditions change, there are always a few teams that have been given high hopes, whether out of feelings or based on strength. Everyone has a championship guess in their heart, and every team that aims to win the championship will go all out for the dream.


"Merlot" is running towards the ultimate dream


In terms of feelings alone, Argentina and Portugal should be the teams most expected to make breakthroughs. Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have loved each other and chased each other for so many years. This time will be the final performance of their World Cup co campaign. They all lack a World Cup to add the most complete stroke to their already great career.


Argentina has won the World Cup twice, but that can be traced back to 1978 and 1986. In addition, there are three times that Argentina has won the runner up of the World Cup, the most recent one is in 2014, which is Messi's best performance in the World Cup so far. Eight years ago, Brazil, Argentina and Germany stood in the arena of the final. Messi was in the best years of his career at that time. When he saw that his team could only become the runner up, his eyes were full of reluctance. The World Cup was near but far away. From his first appearance on the World Cup stage at the age of 19 to his fifth World Cup journey at the age of 35, he has followed the dream of a World Cup champion all the way from his ignorance of his career to his old age.


In Argentina, Messi has no other absolute superstar. In the 2022 Golden Globe Award, which ended not long ago, no one from Argentina even made the list of 30 players, but this team is practicing the concept of team football. The team with more reasonable structure built by coach Felipe Scaroni around Messi has kept the team's state higher. At present, Argentina has kept the record of 36 consecutive unbeaten games. Although Argentina suffered a series of injuries before going to Qatar, none of these could stop the team's ambition to go to the World Cup. Messi experienced a short dormancy last season. This season, his state recovered in time. The eagle of Pampas is determined to fly high again, which is related to whether Messi's dream of the World Cup can be fulfilled.


Ronaldo also needs a world champion to make his career without regret. Ronaldo's World Cup journey also started in 2006. At that time, he was only 21 years old and won the fourth place with the team, which was his best record in the World Cup so far. The best record of Portugal in the World Cup history was the third place runner up in 1966. Now, when he leads the team to the World Cup again at the age of 37, it is the last time for him to make progress towards this dream.


Portugal can enter the Qatar World Cup, the process is quite difficult, they are through the European play offs to be qualified. There are many capable players around Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese team has reached a fairly high level in terms of paper strength. Cristiano Ronaldo is not alone. However, the leading star of Portugal's football team was really worried before the World Cup. First, he left the game in anger because he was dissatisfied with the coach's arrangement. Later, after communication and apology, he returned to the United game. Although he made his debut in a row, he was still in a low state, and even got a yellow card together with his opponent's "scuffle". Before the World Cup, he only scored one league goal, and the misfire has become his normal so far this season. Once Cristiano Ronaldo has extended the downturn to the World Cup, Portugal needs other players to step forward. From this point of view, it is more difficult for Ronaldo to realize his dream of the World Cup than Messi.


Five star Brazil and defending champion are eager to continue their glory


In terms of strength, five-star Brazil is still the most popular champion contender. The Samba team has never lacked talents. Although it has been 20 years since the last time they won the World Cup, the players have been updated several times during this period, but they have never been able to create brilliance again. However, every time they go to the competition, this team will be placed with unlimited expectations. Adding a sixth star to themselves is obviously the ultimate goal of Brazil's World Cup campaign in Qatar. Whether it is the historical results, the world ranking, or the total value of the players, Brazil is the absolute paper strength king of the top 32. They are the only team that has never missed the World Cup, and also the team that has topped the World Cup the most times. Brazil is the first South American team to reach the World Cup in this World Preliminaries.


The strength in the group is outstanding. The real test of the Brazilian team is in the knockout match. The Samba team needs to play steadily to go further. Coach Teeter hopes his team can play seven games in Qatar (entering the final).


The French team also has a large number of supporters, but the team has already lost many soldiers before going out, and there are many obstacles in front of the defending champion. One day before the opening of the World Cup, Benzema, the winner of the new Golden Ball Award, regretfully retired. He decided to quit as soon as possible in order to allow the team to gain more time to identify his replacement, which may be his last contribution to the French team. The team that won the World Cup four years ago has changed. The downturn of the French team is reflected in the UEFA group match. The team's record in the group match, which is 1 win, 2 draw and 3 loss, is only one step away from the demotion, especially in the face of Denmark, the same group opponent of the World Cup, when the French team was "double killed". The state of such a French team in the World Cup is worrying, but once they can quickly get out of the low ebb, they still make their opponents tremble. However, first of all, the French team needs to break the "curse" that three consecutive defending champions failed to qualify from the group.


Britain, Germany and the West have come back with lofty aspirations


There is also England, which is always overestimated. The "Three Lions" were derided as the "Three Meows" for a long time. Since the Russian World Cup four years ago, the English team has regained the title of "Three Lions". The top four teams in the World Cup four years ago and the runner up team in the European Cup two years ago made Southgate's team truly return to the top team in the World Cup. However, the poor record of England in this year's UEFA matches makes people worry about the prospect of this team in the World Cup. In recent years, the English football world is full of talents, and the card strength is strong enough, but it seems that there is always a lack of "me first" in the competition. However, the achievements of the last two competitions naturally made Southgate and his elite soldiers have more ambitions in this World Cup.


The German team, the "four champions" of the World Cup, which has been dormant for many years and set off again, will face the attack of Japan, the strongest team in Asia, and Spain, a traditional European power. The German team needs to first consider how to fully participate in the group game from beginning to end. The German Football Association has initiated the first reward mechanism of the group. The defeated "German chariot" of the last World Cup must be brave after being ashamed. Former Bayern coach Frick took over the coaching one year ago. The first big test was to lead the team to re-establish its strong position in the World Cup. People have different attitudes towards the results of the German team's re start, but in any case, this team should learn from the lessons of these years and get out of the haze completely.


Spain, whose rookies and veterans are trying their best to help, is also ambitious. Enrique, the coach who has participated in the World Cup three times as a player, will also help the team with his rich experience. Since last year's European Cup, Enrique has never given up making the team try more possibilities, which also shows that the Spanish team has sufficient personnel reserves. But how to play the cards well and improve the team's attacking ability is probably the biggest problem facing Enrique. The Spanish team, which conquered the World Cup 12 years ago with transmission and technology, has gone far. When they are still dedicated to transmission and control, they are more pragmatic, and this team is still one of the hottest teams to win the World Cup.

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