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December 30, 2022


DBE has the characteristics of high boiling point, long distillation range, good solubility, low volatility, low toxicity and environmental protection products, safe use, long storage life, in paint, ink and other industries to replace toxicity, odor stimulation of isoferone and a variety of high boiling point ether solvents.


The success of Omode in substituting other solvents for different mixtures can be measured by Hansen's dissolution force parameter.


The solubility of resin depends on different solvents, expressed by hydrogen bond, polarity and non-polarity interaction. The measurement of these three parameters can indicate whether the solubility of solvent or mixed solvent is similar, which allows us to choose DVE solvent or mixed solvent based on DBE, so that they can reach the solubility of specific resin requirements. This allows us to optimize solvent selection with the same overall effect, including environmental protection, cost, storage life and other factors.


Two, used in all kinds of paint


In wood coatings, DBE has a wide distillation range, greater flexibility and selectivity in solvent formulation and construction conditions, and because of its high boiling point, long distillation range, can help regulate volatilization rate.


In steel coil coating, the choice of appropriate solvent is the key to the formulation of steel coil coating, high baking temperature and short residence time in the furnace require solvent can take into account the integrity of the film, appearance and curing properties. DBE can help maintain the balance of volatilization rate and avoid the defects caused by the explosion of paint film and excessive baking due to the volatilization rate. DBE can be used to replace typical solvents such as isoferone, propylene glycol ethers and other high boiling point solvents, so as to reduce the pollution of coating system to the environment and increase the safety of construction.


In container and can coatings, DBE's high solubility and low volatilization rate can make the coatings have good leveling property. It can provide excellent flexibility, adhesion and other important properties of the coatings.


Applied to baking paint, DBE has special volatilization characteristics, with the increase of temperature, its volatilization rate is faster than other solvents, that is, volatilization process of the first half of the slow volatilization, volatilization of the second half of the fast, which is conducive to drying process, volatilization curve more gentle, solvent volatilization more average, is conducive to improve leveling, luster, eliminate surface defects.


Applied in automotive coatings, DBE can be used in a variety of different uses of automotive coatings and different resin systems, can be used in medium coating and top paint to achieve the ideal gloss and smoothness of the surface of the paint film. It can also be used in acrylic and polyester systems. When a small amount of DBE is added to the formula, the flow level and re-leveling will be improved.


Applied to enamelling wire coating, DBE is polyvinyl butyraldehyde, polyvinyl formaldehyde, polyurethane, polyester and polyester amide coating formula excellent solvent, in polyester and polyester amide system, it can completely replace cresol, the use of DBE can get high solid content low viscosity, its non-corrosive advantages can greatly reduce the user storage difficulties.


In the ink industry, DBE can replace ink often used in the toxicity, odor of high boiling solvent isoferone.


In the resin industry, DBE viscosity is low, reduce the resin viscosity without reducing the molecular weight or solid content condition, while maintaining the same viscosity, can improve the solid content. Using this property can produce high solid content, low viscosity resin.


Application in polymers, chemical intermediates, DBE can be used as organic synthesis intermediate. A wide variety of polyester and other polymers can be manufactured by transesterification reaction and catalytic polycondensation reaction, and it is also the raw material for a series of chemical products such as medicine, pesticides and initiators.


In addition, also in cleaning agent, paint removal agent, industrial cleaning agent DBE solvent has been very ideal application.


Chemical properties:


DBE products are very stable under normal temperature and humidity, and have typical properties of ester functional groups, including saponification and hydrolysis reactions. Transesterification reactions are mainly used to convert ester products into useful plasticizers and other polyester products.

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