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April 13, 2022


DBE high boiling point solvent mixed diacid ester (Dupont said DBE) for diacid ester mixture, also known as divalent ester, dicarboxylic acid lipid. It is a kind of low toxicity, low taste, biodegradable environmental protection high boiling point solvent (coating universal solvent), has been widely used in paint, coating, ink industry and other fields.


DBE is a mixture of three kinds of divalent acid esters, commonly known as methyl nylon acid, which is a combination of succinate (succinate) dimethyl CH3OOC(CH2)2COOCH3, dimethyl glutarate CH3OOC(CH2)3COOCH3 and dimethyl adipate CH3OOC(CH2)4COOCH3. It is because of this unique form, make DBE a non-toxic, colorless transparent liquid, the smell of the faint aroma of ester, it has strong dissolving ability, is biodegradable and environmentally friendly high boiling point solvent widely used in automobile coating, color steel plate coating, tin coating, enameled wire and home dianliao, furniture wood coatings, etc.

The DBE product family consists of pure succinic acid, glutaric acid and dimethyl adiponate, as well as their mixtures in different proportions. The DBE product family is produced by the reaction of methanol with a mixture of diacid and then distillation to separate the different products. Precise esterification and separation process control results in extremely low water content, methanol content, chroma and acid value in DBE.

Chemical properties:

DBE products are very stable at normal temperatures and humidity, and they have typical ester functional group properties, including saponification and hydrolysis reactions, transesterification reactions used to convert ester products into useful plasticizers and other polyester products.


With the emphasis on environmental protection and safety and health, more and more laws and regulations stipulate or suggest not to use harmful solvents, such as chlorinated solvents (trichloroethane, chloromethane, etc.), ethylene glycol ethers, ethyl alcohol ether acetate solvents, etc. DBE products are the best alternative to these solvents and can fully meet the increasing demand for VOC.



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