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August 26, 2022

Chinese men's volleyball team gains confidence and hope with Asian Champions

When strong Asian teams such as Iran and Japan chose not to send their main force to participate in the Asian Cup for the world championships to be held at the end of this month, the Chinese men's volleyball team chose all the main force to participate in the 2022 men's volleyball Asian Cup. "Achieving good results can drive the team, improve our own level and enhance our self-confidence." Wu Sheng, head coach of the Chinese men's volleyball team, said. The Chinese men's volleyball team finally trained the team through the competition process of the Asian Cup, played hard, won the long-awaited Asian Cup championship, and won confidence and hope.


From the world men's Volleyball League to the Asian Cup, the role of the Chinese men's volleyball team has changed. More often than not, it is no longer the role of the attacker, but is impacted by the opponent. In addition, compared with the rivals in the World League, the Asian rivals are faster and the height is not prominent. Wu Sheng said that the Chinese team mainly focuses on how to keep pace with the opponents. The change of identity, the change of opponents, plus the impact of time difference, the Chinese team needs to overcome more difficulties.


In the face of difficulties, the Chinese men's volleyball team went ahead and faced them positively. Since Wu Sheng became the head coach, he has emphasized the team's style and reshaped the team's cohesion. From the world cup to the Asian Cup, the biggest harvest of the Chinese men's volleyball team is its good mental outlook. No matter how many points it is behind, it will try to catch up and fight. In the semi-final of the Asian Cup, the Chinese team once fell behind 1-2 by a large score, facing the critical situation of the match point. However, the team did not give up, but doggedly pursued the points and dragged the game into the decisive game. The final decisive game was 17:15, with 2 points. Zhang Jingyin, the main attacker who scored 30 points in the game, suffered from calf cramps after the game. Zhang Jingyin, the most valuable player, has always been full of fighting spirit on the court, driving his teammates with positive emotions and spirit.


Ten years ago, Dai Qingyao was a young player. He won the Asian Cup. Ten years later, Dai Qingyao, 31, was the oldest player in the team. Both the main attack and the response positions can be competent. At the same time, rich competition experience is indispensable for this young team. So, after the world cup, he joined the team. In the fourth set of the semi-final, when the Chinese team was once behind, it was Dai Qingyao's service that leveled the score to 23, and the Chinese team got the opportunity to reverse the game. In the final, the Chinese team was once 12-17 behind in the second set. In the adversity, Dai Qingyao stood out again. His serving round helped the team score continuously, and the score was leveled to 17, laying the foundation for the team's victory.


The passing of Captain and second setter Yu Yaochen has ups and downs, but he is doing his best. From the semi-final to the final, his blocking, serving and defense are the keys to the team's victory. "I want to do my best and play a leading role in the team." Yu Yaochen said, "this champion relies on the spirit of unity and tenacious struggle."


The Chinese team can win the championship this time, thanks to the two deputy attackers Peng Shikun and Zhang Zhejia. Whether it is Peng Shikun or Zhang Zhejia, their fast ball attacks have given Asian teams a headache. At the same height of 2.08 and 2.07, they also put a lot of pressure on the opponents at the net. "This championship is our fight one after another. This championship will inspire us to continue to work hard." Peng Shikun, the "Post-00" after winning the championship, said frankly.


Zhang Zhejia, who joined the team after the world cup, has been running in with the team and he is full of passion in the game. "There is not much cooperation with the team, but we also play better than each other. The championship is hard won and is the credit of the team. We will make persistent efforts at the world championships to win glory for the country." Zhang Zhejia said.

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