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July 8, 2021

Carbomer 940 requirement under the epidemic situation

Now will be coronavirus outbreak abroad is more and more serious, the domestic outbreak did not lax also, people is higher and higher demand for hand washing, with the concept of disinfection of people constantly improve, free hand washing gel gradually by more and more widely used in the daily family life, and carbomer 940 is an important component of free hand washing gel, its use method is simple, significantly effective, can effectively remove the bacteria on the hands. Carbom 940 can also be used in skin lotions, creams, transparent skin gels, hair styling gels, snow waves, bath gels and other products.


Carbomer, also known as carbomer, is a kind of acrylic acid crosslinked resin obtained by pentaerythritol and acrylic acid crosslinking, is a very important rheological modifier, after neutralization, carbomer is an excellent gel matrix, has important uses such as thickening suspension, simple process, good stability, widely used in emulsion, cream, gel.


Carbomer is a very high molecular weight acrylic polymer bonded to either garitetrol or butadiene glycol. Linear polymers are soluble in polar solvents, such as water or ethanol. But carbomers are insoluble. They just swell in water. Other hydrophilic controlled release excipients, such as MethOCe, k4M (DOW ChemiCal) and Klucel EXF(AquaIOn), are non-crosslinked and linear polymers that are water-soluble. These polymers achieve the purpose of controlled release of drugs through dissolution and erosion.


Carbomer 940 is a cross-linked polymer of polyacrylic acid that forms high viscosity gels at very low concentrations. Carbomer 940, as a kind of high-efficient thickening agents, additives and gel matrix, has been widely used in disposable gel materials as well as in the field of cosmetics, carbomer 940 series white loose powder, it has good thickening property, high transparency, high viscosity, strong ability of layer float, the suspension stability of an outstanding performance. The main characteristics are swelling and slightly acidic.



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