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September 23, 2021

Boxing is not a fight, but "sweet science"

It is generally believed that boxing is a sport in which two people beat each other, but for those who know and have participated in boxing, we know that boxing is far from that.

It requires boxers to calmly analyze their opponents and judge their "motives". Boxers use the "sweet science" of boxing to knock their opponents down and finally win.


But why is boxing called sweet science?

Boxing is called sweet science, because in addition to bravery, it also needs to pay attention to tactics and predict the opponent's next action. It needs logic and science to create an environment in which everything is possible.

The name "sweet science" has existed for decades and is often used by boxing analysts and the media.

Many spectators only focus on the physical contact and aggression of boxing, and can't see the incredible ability of boxers.

However, an audience with an in-depth understanding of the sport can appreciate the pure skills of two talented boxers on the field.

Indeed, boxing has its violent side, but it is also an art of skill, including strategy and foresight - just like chess.

Sweet science, where does the word come from?

Pierce Egan was a British journalist and sports journalist in the early 19th century. He has written about various sports, but most of his articles focus on empty handed boxing and horse racing.

Egan is best known for his five volume boxing article entitled boxiana. The first volume was published in 1813 and the series was completed in 1828.

In his article, he often refers to boxing as sweet science of bruising - "sweet science of bruises", and acknowledges that boxers have both scientific organization and perseverance.

Heavyweight world champion Lennox Lewis even compared boxing to chess in this way. At the same time, he is also an enthusiastic chess player.

Although the term was coined as early as 1813, the view that boxing has science or methodology was introduced by Daniel Mendoza in the late 18th century.

He created a style that focused on rocker arms and dodge, focusing on defense rather than attack.

He beat many boxers and even won the British heavyweight championship with a body weight of 160 pounds and 170 centimeters.

His boxing record was 37-3, knocking down his opponent 34. His victory proved that scientific boxing methods can win.


Boxing was a very brutal sport before Mendoza entered the ring.

We don't care about the timing of boxing, nor do we use various strategies to avoid the opponent's attack, but rely on our own momentum and constantly swing.

Mendoza added defensive moves and calculated tactics instead of the original rough game.


His technology not only became the basis of sweet science, but also completely changed boxing.

He even opened his own boxing school in 1789 and wrote a book called the art of boxing to teach his scientific boxing methods. This is the best understanding of his boxing skills in the 18th century.

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