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March 28, 2022


Spencer's coach Derek James was surprised when the team first found the news of Erol Spencer's retinal tear in his left eye after a pre match medical examination on Monday afternoon.



Spencer (27-0, 21ko) was supposed to compete with future Hall of Fame member Pacquiao (62-7, 39ko) in the welterweight Championship next Saturday, August 21, at T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas.



Spencer is the No. 1 boxer in the sub middleweight of boxing magazine and the champion of IBF and WBC. He will be replaced by the No. 5 WBA champion youdenis UGAS (26-4, 12 knockouts).



Spencer is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday.



"Errol will be fine. I'm not a medical expert, so I don't know when he'll be back, but he'll be back," James said. "Boxers often lose their retinas and come back to the field. We don't know how or when it happened.



"I only learned yesterday, when we were training in Las Vegas. They found something in his physical examination, and Errol never complained. It has been reported to the Nevada Sports Commission.



"Like I said, I didn't know until Monday afternoon. Errol told me. I was at the hotel when I got the call. We don't know his specific recovery time.



"This is a very unfortunate situation, this is the first time we have encountered this kind of thing. We will continue to move forward. I don't like to add my personal feelings to Errol's career, but if he wants, I hope he will play another game before the end of the year.



"Errol Spencer will come back anyway."



On Monday, a doctor in Spencer found a tear in his retina during a pre game medical examination at the Nevada State Athletic Commission in Las Vegas.



On Tuesday morning, Spencer and his team flew home to Dallas, Texas. He will undergo surgery on Wednesday. Spencer is expected to fully recover and return to the ring.



According to most medical practices, it takes two to four weeks before retinal tear surgery returns to normal.



Bob Bennett, executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, said, "I can't comment on the boxer's medical records, but UGAS's involvement in the game against Manny is undoubtedly an approved game." "UGAS is an awesome and excellent champion. I got the approval of Steven krubeck, chairman of the (Nevada Sports Committee)." we discussed it and we approved the game. "

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