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November 25, 2021

Application of zinc chloride in industry


Inorganic industry, as activator of activated carbon, makes activated carbon porous and increases its surface area. It is also used in the manufacture of soluble foam extinguishing liquid and raw material for the production of zinc cyanide.


Organic industry used as polyacrylonitrile solvent, organic synthesis of contact agent, dehydrating agent. Shrinkage agent, deodorant. Special surface activator and catalyst used in the production of vanillin, hyaldehydes, indomethacin and cation exchange resin. The petroleum industry uses it as a purifying agent.


The dye industry is used as a stabilizer for the colouring salt of ice dyed dyes, and also for the production of reactive dyes and cationic dyes. Rubber industry as vulcanization accelerator zPC auxiliary materials.


Printing and dyeing industry used as mordant, mercerizing agent, weight agent. Zinc ion additive used in galvanizing ammonium salt in the electroplating industry. The pigment industry is used as a raw material for white pigments.


The metallurgical industry is used to produce aluminum alloys and treat metal surfaces. Used as rust remover during welding.


Coal preparation plants are often used for floating and sinking experiments.

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