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December 27, 2021

Application of food additive sodium pyrophosphate in food processing

Application of food additive sodium pyrophosphate in food processing

With the rapid pace of modern life, people have been used to a variety of food. Without food additives, many foods in life cannot exist. In China, more than 2500 kinds of food additives are allowed to be used at present. Sodium pyrophosphate is one of the food additives. Herrman Chemical will tell you the use of food additive sodium pyrophosphate in food processing.

Food additive sodium pyrophosphate is white powder that can be fused with water. It is used as a stabilizer and buffer in food processing. Food grade sodium pyrophosphate will be used in the production of soy sauce and fruit juice. Food grade sodium pyrophosphate can improve the color of soy sauce and fruit juice and make the color brighter.


Sodium pyrophosphate is a food additive widely used in food phosphate series. It mainly plays a role in adjusting pH, acting as a water retention agent, preventing excessive evaporation of water, and will be used in anti-corrosion and taste control, which is conducive to the quality control of production links and ensuring the stability of quality. It can be used alone or combined with sodium tripolyphosphate and sodium hexametaphosphate. Both of them have a good role in chelating metal ions and improving the quality of finished products.


Food additive sodium pyrophosphate is used as quality improver, emulsifying dispersant, buffer, chelating agent and so on in food processing. It has the generality of condensed phosphate, obvious chelation and dispersion, and can resist flocculation; It can prevent fat oxidation and casein tackifying. When the pH value is high, it can inhibit food corruption and fermentation. Sodium pyrophosphate is mainly used in meat and aquatic products processing, which can improve water holding capacity, keep meat fresh and tender, and stabilize natural pigment. It can also be used in starch manufacturing, etc. it is often used in combination with other condensed phosphates. Sodium pyrophosphate is generally added by 0.5-3 ‰ in food processing, and the maximum addition in aquatic products processing is 3%.


The food additive sodium pyrophosphate produced by Chongqing Chuandong Chemical Group has high purity, less impurities and more stable quality.

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